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Business Competitiveness

EMPRETEC Guyana has a number of programmes designed to give you that Business Competitiveness that's required to succeed. These programs, which are run throughout the year, include:

Venture Out! For Women Entrepreneurs

Participants at the Venture Out! for Women conference

Designed and implemented by EMPRETEC Guyana with sponsorship from Republic Bank, Venture Out! is a social and economic empowerment programme for women who operate business on a small scale in five (5) geographical Regions. The main aim of this programme is to enhance quality of life through increased knowledge and skills and through a mentorship programme by successful peers. It’s development was guided by Goal 3 of the Millennium Development Goals which speaks to the empowerment of women and the adaptation of the EMPRETEC Methodology to engender motivation and confidence building. Launc From 2013, a Venture Out! Loan Competition will be added with prizes of unsecured loan facilities provided exclusively by Republic Bank (Guyana) Ltd.