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The EMPRETEC programme in Guyana is the first programme of its kind introduced in the Caribbean region. The programme implementation started in March 2003 with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the executing agency and the Guyana Manufacturers' Association as the implementing partner. Technical assistance has been provided by EMPRETEC Ghana and individual EMPRETEC trainers from Brazil who have been responsible for the installation of different modules. From then, until today EMPRETEC has successfully evolved from a project to a non – governmental and not – for profit organization in aid of small & medium enterprises development.


Primary objective
To support and advance Entrepreneurship Development by working directly with small and Medium Enterprises (SME's).

Other Objectives

  • To provide a forum for networking among members
  • To provide access to business information and services to members
  • To establish links and collaborate with other EMPRETEC associations internationally
  • To promote direct business links among members
  • To provide technical support and capacity building for businesses of members