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Welcome Message

Over the past ten years, EMPRETEC Guyana has reached in excess of 1000 entrepreneurs through its various entrepreneurship capacity building programmes. Small business owners learn how to cultivate within themselves the attitudes of successful entrepreneurs and how to effectively manage their business operations. Our training provides practical solutions to overcome challenges of business start-up and expansion and offers the tools necessary for business survival. With an innovative approach, the EMPRETEC Model has been hailed as the most significant new development in entrepreneurship training in almost two decades.


EMPRETEC is an integrated capacity-building programme of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in the area of SMEs and entrepreneurial skills promotion. It is dedicated to helping promising entrepreneurs put their ideas into action and fledgling businesses to grow.

The programme is part of UNCTAD's mandate on enhancing productive capacity and international competitiveness for the benefit of economic development, poverty eradication and equal participation of developing countries and transition economies in the world economy.


EMPRETEC Guyana is a non – profit institution with a mission of enhancing private sector development by providing support to established and emerging small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Implemented as a project within the period March 2003 and August 2006 as a collaborative effort among the Government of Guyana, U.N.D.P. and the G.M.S.A, , the EMPRETEC Programme has been hailed by the U.N.D.P. as one of its successful projects.

Operating under license from UNCTAD since June 2007 and with an extension of the license until 2017 EMPRETEC aims at building upon it’s mandate to promote growth oriented enterprises and provide access to a comprehensive and integrated range of services in order to enhance their participation in national development in co-operation with other SME support programmes.